Chris Gossett, General Manager

Chris Gossett was recently hired as General Manager at Royal New Kent Golf Club.  Chris has been playing golf for more than 35 years, and has worked as a golf professional for 17 years. He has played competitive golf at the junior, high school, university, amateur and professional levels.  Chris turned professional in 1997 and has worked at 9 golf facilities, administering more than 1400 private lessons, hundreds of group clinics, numerous junior programs and many golfer development programs specifically designed for the novice or beginner golfer.  Chris is passionate about keeping the learning process fun.  He stresses fundamentals- proper posture, the correct grip, accurate alignment and athletic balance.  Once a golfer is established with these fundamentals, he will then incorporate more intricate departments of the game.  Chipping, pitching, putting, bunker play, long Irons/hybrids, short irons, fairway woods, driving, trouble shots and even golf course management -the strategy of playing golf- will be covered.  Chris is confident he can improve your game and help you enjoy the game of golf more!  Inquire in the golf shop or visit our website for more information…

Golf Shop:(804) 966-7023
Cell:(732) 788-7007
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